We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Week Stats

Ruby Sue's first 2 weeks of life have flown! Phil and I have absolutely loved every second of it. Phil took the first week off of work. We had awesome family time and spent most of days in bed watching shows on the computer and hanging out with our sweet little girl. I loved those special days/nights. Phil went back to work Feb 13th and I had to figure out how to do life with little Ruby and it was thankfully pretty easy. I was surprised I had enough energy and courage to take her out on a few outings by myself after a few days. I had a few emotional moments missing home especially when sweet Myla Blue was born Feb 14th. Ruby is sad she doesnt get to meet her new cousin for a few months...boo! Our first 2 weeks we were blessed to have meals brought to us by our new church, Tradewind Communities and friends from Phil's work. That really allowed me to just focus on Ruby because Phil's dinners and lunches were taken care of.

Ruby Sue
-8lbs 11oz(born 7lbs 6oz)
-sleeping most of the day
-nursing 8times a day about every 2-3hrs, 4-5hrs in the night
-surprisingly sleeping most of the night partly in our bed and partly in bassinet
-likes to be worn in the Moby
-likes going on walks in her stroller
-very vocal. Always making sounds...some times she sounds more like a goat than a human.
-likes the bath
-only cries when I take to long to change her diaper when I'm getting ready to feed her.

-Healing well, still has annoying stitches
-final prego weight 172, 2 week weight 150(i think Dr's scale was off, mine said 152)
-always hungry
-feeling lucky to have a baby that likes to sleep in the night
-havn't felt stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed, yet.
-learning how to manage my day in 2-3hr segments and not try to squeeze to much in
-nightime routine is around 9pm-ish to 9am-ish
-brain still hasnt adjusted to the fact that I dont have to go back to work for a loooong time. I've had the same job for 4 1/2 years its weird to not be working! Keep thinking I'm on a short vacation and have to start work again on monday.
-sometimes misses Ruby Sue even though she might be a few feet away...very funny feeling

-working hard
-currently working days: leaving the house around 6 and coming home around 7
-eating twice a day
-learning new responsibilities at work
-better at burping Ruby than me
-addicted to Mad Men
-perfecting his BBQ skills
-sleeps fine through the night :-)

February 19-29 we are so lucky to have Grandma Nancy Sue with us.The last 4 days have been amazing! I love love having her here and her help has been so awesome! I feed the baby and she burps her, I cook and she cleans, she holds Ruby while I take an afternoon nap. Nancy requested a list of projects she can help with while she is here...so all those little things I havnt gotten to she is getting done. What a blessing! It will be interesting learning to run all my errands without that extra hand...I imagine I'll save them for the weekends when dad is home. :)

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