We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beginings Of A Nursery

First thing...pick out a crib. I decided I want neutral gray walls with a white crib. I plan on transfering our kids from the crib to a twin and skip the toddler bed so the 4-in-1 cribs aren't necessary(they all turn into doubles, havn't seen any that turn into twins have you?)

I like this clean "box shape". nothing fancy about it, just clean.

Another box shaped crib that I love because of the extra storage. Our little girl's room is TINY. I need to get creative with storage.

I also really like the old school cribs... very simple and small, good for a tiny nursery.

I knew I wanted simple solid gender neutral baby bedding. My goal is to buy nice bedding once and use it for each babe(genius idea executed by Jenn). I had this picked out before I knew the gender.(babybedding.com) Gray walls, organic red bedding and simple gender specific accents that can be replaced if our next baby is a boy.

Deciding on the "girl" accents was hard. My original theme is no longer on www.fabricworm.com so I decided today to just buy something and stick with it. I'm happy with what I decided. VERY LIMITED PINK! My mom and grandma were a little disspapointed with how much I dislike the idea of PINK EVERYTHING :-) but they are good sports. They almost died when I said "red and gray nursery" but I think with this post they'll get the idea. I ordered this bundle, one yard of each. I'll figure out a way to make curtains, accent pillows, wall art... little things to make it feel like a baby girl's room. I need all my talented sewing friends to come over and help me!

I can finally feel my baby! Its a crazy feeling. She is very busy, I feel lots of "flutters" everyday. I can't wait until Phil can feel her.


More Dorrs said...

First of all --- LOVE the fabric you chose! Feminine, but not too girly or babyish. Super cute.

Second -- we are also a crib to twin bed family. No convertible here.

Third -- We talked about getting a crib with storage built in underneath, but opted to get a cheaper crib and just use some storage baskets under. Still looks clean and tidy, but gives more storage and is cheaper.

Fourth -- LOVE the grey walls idea. Love.

Fifth -- sewing party when you are here over the holidays? Bring your measurements for everything and we can make it happen!

Sixth -- I miss you.


Jessye said...

We got all gender neutral stuff too- then ended up with three girls =)

Also- do you know about zulilly.com? Every day they send an email out with a really great discounts on baby and mom stuff.

The Kirkbrides said...

How fun you can feel her move!! Isn't it great?! Love the fabric and nursery ideas! E did great switching to the twin bed from the crib (other than a few days of napping adventures :) )