We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, August 1, 2011

In The Middle Of The Ocean

So far marjority of my first trimester was spent throwing up and sleeping so I don't have any exciting andventures to post. Despite all the nasty barfing I'm happy that I haven't had any irrational hormonal emotional explosions. I totally anticipated being the crazy pregnant lady crying about everything...maybe this is still in my future.

During the work week Phil and I both start work at 6am, I get off at 2pm and nap until Phil gets home. Phil gets home between 6:30pm-7:30pm. We usually eat dinner outside, watch a show then go to bed. BORING.

Phil is loving his job and has made a few friends. I'm really happy and excited for him. One of his friends is a local guy, his wife just had a baby last week, I cant wait to meet her and snuggle their baby. I have crazy baby fever...waiting for Ching is soooooooo hard.

Our weekends consist of going to the beach and working on the house. Everything is very expensive here so we try to keep our weekends simple and save the "touristy stuff" for when friends get here to visit...we don't exactly want to go to Pearl Harbor 8 times so we're saving up these kind of events for the future.

I'm finally starting to feel like a human again so I hope to be more outgoing the 5hours I wait for Phil to get home. :-) It has been really nice having an old friend from home living here, some of you may know Nicci. We lived together for a short while back in college, she has been here 8years. We've gone on a few adventures and we have many more planned.

We've had a few hangouts with Sean and Jessica, the pastor in Kailua that Doxology is affiliated with. They are a lot of fun, appreciate good food and have 3 adorable little kids. We like them a lot and hope to join their community. Its a 20minute drive to the other side of of our giant 500sq.mi. island and they meet before Phil gets off work...we have some scheduling to figure out.

The weather to most is amazing and always 86 and sunny... but to me its too hot. I cant wait for winter when its in the 70s. I'm stranded in the middle of the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you looked at a map lately? Hawaii is soooooo isolated. I'm missing Oregon summer LIKE CRAZY! Its the best time of year to be an oregonian and I'm missing it! I'm missing the rodeos, strawberry picking, festivals, bbqs, long nights, fires. You dont have fires here. The coldest it gets at night is 75. We need to buy a water feature or something to sit around?! ha ha Im not complaining about living in paradise...when it hits fall, winter, spring I will LOVE IT...BUT nothing beats an Oregon summer.

The Highlight of My Week:http://youtu.be/Hmk1m_AiIf0
I had my 2nd appointment on Wednesday and got to see Ching again! Our littl babe was very busy until I brought out the video...but you can still see its cute little heart beat. My official due date is Feb 22-24th.

The Highlight of Phil's Week: http://youtu.be/_P9J1t8EymM
Saturday we set up our beach station at Ewa Beach. Phil brought his trout pole and took a stab at some shore fishing. The locals at the beach told us the fish was an 'ulua' and they couldnt believe Phil caught that off shore. Our neighbor at home said people try months and years to get these guys, especially the size Phil landed. This made Phil very excited. We had an excellent dinner Saturday night!


Heather said...

Oregon misses you too! SO fun to read about how different life is though for you now.

Can't wait to see it for myself!!

Kari Riley said...

You're so pretty! When are you going to post your first belly picture?!?!

The Kirkbrides said...

Nice baby and fish!!! Love reading about your Hawaii life! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better!

JW's said...

Aw, I love ultrasounds!! And Oregon is cloudy right now:)