We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This N That

This is a funny picture I found on my camera. Phil got his laptop fixed last Tuesday, "yay for extended warranties!" So this guy came and basically gave Phil a brand new laptop. niiiiiiice.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. Our not smart dogs made sure to enjoy it.

Poor Apple, she thought it would be nice to nap with Jericho, apparently she is willing to take the risk of being blasted by Jericho's death gas.
Phil, Denny, Ryan, Tommy, Sam, Simonson, Mars and Tyler Bushnell are all on a Timberhill B-ball team together... the truth is I don't really watch the games, I just hang out with Betsy.

P.S. Phil wanted me to say that he was 4 for 7 on field goals.


CalebWayne said...

Apple is too big now. I like the little apple that we picked up at the gas station

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Yeah....little Apple...so cute. Betsy is getting big too!

scotty and crystal said...

Nice update, we laughed so hard at the dog pictures!!!

The Bains said...

HAHA....love the dog pics!

Please excuse Betsy's "smile"